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Why Charter?

When you choose Charter for your Calgary property management needs, you can expect sound management abilities, gained from years of financial and industry experience. We proactively present new ideas that protect your investment, save you money, and give you peace of mind to fully enjoy the appealing condo lifestyle.

At Charter, we understand how different each condominium building is. We offer full-service condo management, and the flexibility to tailor our services to your exact needs. This “à la carte” offering is ideal for small condo buildings, homeowners associations, and self-managed buildings. Everything is tracked through our owner portal, Charter Connect, in order to provide complete financial transparency and make managing your condo easier.

Many boards assume that switching property managers will be a complicated process. At Charter, we help ensure an effortless transition, working with you every step of the way to eliminate the burden. Our detailed checklist helps ensure we have all the documents required. We review everything for gaps or inadequacies and arrange an audit if there are any concerns. From there we identify key action items and a management strategy unique to your property.

to you.

1. Commitment to exceeding expectations

As property managers, the foundation to our success has been our client-centric approach. Our priority is to listen and act on behalf of your best interests. We create an environment of communication and collaboration, partnering with you in the management process.

2. Hands on Management

We pride ourselves on being visible, hands-on property managers. We are frequently doing inspections, monitoring project completions, resolving problems, and taking pride in how your building looks and functions. We also align ourselves with contractors and professionals who deliver the highest quality work and outstanding customer service.

3. Advanced Technology - Charter Connect

Our user-friendly web-based technology is superior in the Calgary property management industry. It encompasses every aspect of property management, including facilitating seamless communication, and providing financial transparency and detailed updates. It is fully customizable to your property’s needs and avoids many of the industry shortfalls that everyone has experienced. For a detailed overview of Charter Connect or to try it in a test environment, please click here.

4. Solid Communication

With Charter, all questions and problems are dealt with promptly, from simple inquiries to emergencies. Our staff is available 24/7, always looking for ways to turn complex challenges into solutions.


At Charter, we help ensure an effortless transition, working with
you every step of the way to eliminate the burden.