We specialize in
Calgary condominium

and fully understand that no two
condos are alike.

For this reason, we tailor our management to fit your specific needs. We work with condominium buildings from four to 400+ units, homeowners associations, and self-managed buildings to exceed your expectations and offer a personalized level of service not always found in the Calgary property management industry.

  • 24/7 Emergency Response

    Charter has a fully trained team to handle any emergency situation. Our emergency line is answered 24/7 by a live person and each report is dispatched immediately to the manager on duty. We’re only a call away and with Charter Connect, any owner can log in and request less urgent assistance.

  • Financial & Administrative Management

    Our professional financial and administrative support meets your community’s needs and protects your investment. We produce monthly management reports that are customizable, but generally include a full suite of financial statements, list of individuals behind on monthly fees, actual versus projected budgets, and vendor invoices. We also provide services such as communicating with and collecting from owners, negotiating with vendors, handling all bank matters, and collecting, reviewing, and paying invoices.

  • Leveraging Technology – Charter Connect

    Our innovative and proprietary technology, Charter Connect, provides user-friendly access to every detail you need about your property and manages communication effectively. Access your property manager when issues arise and never have to pay to order important documents again. For a full overview of this customizable technology or to try it in a live environment, please click here.

  • Ongoing Site Reviews

    We conduct regular inspections of the common areas of each property. Inspection reports include recommendations and follow-ups for routine maintenance, repair or replacements, and capital improvements. The frequency of visits will be determined by the current status of the property and board’s preferences.

  • Reserve Fund Studies

    Since 2000, the Alberta Condominium Property Act specifies that all condos must have a reserve fund study to determine the adequacy of current reserves to meet future building assessments and reserve funding. We organize and consult with third party reviewers on your behalf when a study is required, then review reserve calculations annually during the budget preparation process, providing recommendations to the board.

  • Insurance Reviews

    Working closely with insurance professionals, we ensure your property and Board of Directors meet the insurance requirements of your by-laws and the Alberta Condominium Property Act. We also review and work through any pending or current claims so they are resolved in a timely fashion.

  • Mediating Between the Board and Home Owner

    Protective covenants are established that define individual ownership rights and the association’s rights, to ensure a cohesive environment covering issues such as pets, satellites, landscaping, parking, and more. Conflicts can arise when a homeowner prohibits the bylaws, and we will help deal with these issues so the Board of Directors who are neighbours of those making the infractions don’t have to.

  • Proven Vendor Lists

    We have all seen or heard of the nightmares resulting from a contractor “gone wrong.” Tap into our pre-screened list of vendors located in Calgary and Central Alberta who can handle any issues that arise, rather than having to go through the process of finding professional contractors and vendors on your own.

  • Self-management

    Our self-management level of service is perfect for small condominiums that have a very involved Board of Directors committing themselves to the time and energy needed to self-govern. Our services are fully customizable, allowing boards to pick and choose what they need support with.