Being a board
member shouldn’t
be so challenging.

Charter Connect

Charter Connect is the only web-based application of its kind in North America, developed exclusively for our Calgary property management clients. With all the moving parts in condominium living, Charter Connect facilitates communication and coordination between the board, owners and property managers. This all-in-one-tool avoids many of the industry shortcomings that everyone has experienced in the past.

Enjoy management functions that allow you to see everything happening at your property with just a few clicks. We invite you to try out Charter Connect for a real-time walkthrough of the platform. Please click here and type in the username Virtual Tour and password CharterPM123 to see the advanced functionality it offers (please note Firefox is not a supported browser and will have limited functionality).

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Building, owner, and vendor information

  • Owner and tenant emergency contact information
  • Updated directory of vehicles, pets, and storage areas belonging to each unit
  • Owner payment history
  • View all current vendor invoices, payments, contracts, and coding
  • View vendors working at your building and their emergency contact information

Facilitating communication and compliance

  • Communication interface enabling owners to immediately direct questions and concerns to their property management team
  • Owner notifications of important events via email
  • Email notifications as your concern is progressed through to completion

Financial transparency and documents at your fingertips 24/7

  • All condo documents (financial statements, management packages, etc.) are available 24/7
  • Pre-made bylaw infraction notices
  • View vendor invoices and contracts
  • All meeting minutes
  • Use it as your condo’s filing system and customize content to your ownership’s needs

Professional accountability and convenience

  • Expedient responses to questions and problems
  • Accountability progressing tasks through to completion in a timely manner
  • Procedures in place to ensure follow-up so nothing important is missed
  • Everything is documented in one place for new board members
  • Everything is live and in real time so you can see the most up-to-date information, not only what was paid or happened last month

Why Charter?

Attentive service you require.

Our client relationships
are built on trust.

We ensure your most valuable asset—your home—
is looked after to the highest industry standards.